Company Services

We help you making a video which can make your client understands your bussiness easily. You can use this video for company profile, product explainer, or event video for your company.

Company Video Example:

Fook Hing Chinese Food Ads #2

Another video for Fook Hing. This one tells the story of two men who are going to propose a woman ...
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Fook Hing Chinese Food Ads #1

This video is used to advertise Fook Hing Chinese Food. The content of the video tells to "less talk and ...
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yesheis fun ads challenge screenshot01

YesHEis Fun Ads Challenge

We won the 1st prize of YesHEis Fun Ads Challenge! YesHEis is a mobile application to share videos about Christianity ...
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bakoelgame ads screenshot1 Advertisement Video For all your gaming needs Bakoelgame is the website providing service for mobile games. The services are including IAP ...
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elevator ads journey restaurant green pasta studio

Elevator Ads – Journey Restaurant

We are so grateful that they let us make them an elevator ads to advertise their services and specialties. This ...
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product explainer - green pasta studio - screenshot01

Product Explainer – Video Sample

Learn to explain better with Product Explainer Video Product Explainer in the shape of animation video can help you to ...
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