1. Does Green Pasta Studio take an offer for making a video that not included in Page Services?

    • for video that not included in Page Services, We will take the offer as long we can handle it and client also have faith in us finishing the wanted video.

  2. How long does it take for completing 1 video?

    • To Complete 1 video, we need approximately 1 month after Concepting Phase. 

  3. How the payment work in Green Pasta Studio?

    • Payment is done 2 times, first is Advance Payment with the amount of 50% of Total Payment that client agreed on, and the last one is the payment of the rest.

      • Advance Payment will be payed by client when client agrees with the given concept. This payment will serve as milestone for Green Pasta Studio to move to the next step; which is Prototyping and Finishing Phase.

      • The rest of the payment will be payed after client agrees with the finished video. After payment is completed, invoice will be delivered to client along with the video int the form of softcopy and hardcopy.

  4. Does revision also included in the service?

    • We give client 2 time of revision in Concepting Phase, 1 time in Prototyping and Finishing Phase. For further revision, client have to pay additional price for the revision.

  5. What happen if the video is canceled?

    • Cancellation can be done. But if video making is in Prototyping and Finishing Phase, then the cost that cilent already payed (Advance Payment) can’t be refunded back to client.

* For other question that is not displayed in this page, you can contact us by email or call by phone with the address that is displayed in Contact Us