Wedding Services

We offer you a Wedding Animation Video where you can turn your love story into a moving image . Of course you and your partner become the Main Character in it! We will help you write your story and you can also choose what style will be used in the video. Make your celebration more stunning with this animation video.


Wedding Video Example:

Yohanes – Lilik Wedding Animation

This video is made for Yohanes and Lilik for their wedding. It tells the story how Yohanes met Lilik and ...
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Chung Yong – Sim Yee Wedding Animation

This video is made for Chung Yong & Sim Yee Wedding which brought a fairy tale theme in their wedding ...
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Wedding Video Sample Screenshot0

Story of The Two – Wedding Video Sample

Do you remember how your starts? This wedding video sample will make you remember how sweet your love story is ...
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Rocky Gloria Wedding Animation

Rocky – Gloria Wedding Animation

Our first video for wedding animation. Rocky and Gloria held their wedding in 31st July 2016 in Surabaya, Indonesia. This ...
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